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The Difference Between a Vampire Killing Kit and a Box of Junk

Middle AGes Vampire Killing Kit

Buyer Beware: When it comes to purchasing a Vampire Killing kit, you have a choice – between a realistic, beautiful work of art that has been carefully researched and built to evoke a sense of mysticism and awe, and a box of junk. What do I mean by a box of junk? Well, really, about 90% of the “vampire killing…

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Vampire Killing Kit Annabella on Sale on Etsy

January, 2022: The newest Vampire Slayer Kit to come from the artistic vision of CRYSTOBAL is Annabella, a Civil-War era Vampire Killing Kit complete with an 1855 LeMat cap and ball, black powder revolver (replica) that is designed to shoot wooden stakes from its buckshot barrel into the Vampire’s heart. See the Kit’s For Sale Page on Etsy Like all…

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What Goes Into Building a Vampire Killing Kit?

Article by the Artist Himself, CRYSTOBAL I’ve built a lot of custom art items and stage props over the years. Usually people see the finished product. A lot, I get, “How the hell did you do that?” To which I usually answer, “I got drunk, went out to the garage, and a couple of days later I had this…” Of…

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Three New Vampire Killing Kits by CRYSTOBAL

Two Vampire Killing Kits by CRYSTOBAL

Vampire Killing Kits by CRYSTOBAL CRYSTOBAL, the Gothic Artist credited with creating (inventing) the high-end, artistic, primitive-style Vampire Killing Kit, has once again come out of retirement to build three all-new artistic Vampire Slayer Kits for the 2021 Halloween and Christmas Season. Introducing the full-size Vampire Killing Kit Neriah, the medium-size Vampire Killing Kit Dianella, and the small-size Vampire Killing…

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New Vampire Killing Kit Items For Sale by CRYSTOBAL

CRYSTOBAL has some new Vampire Killing Kit items for sale in the Etsy Vampire Killing Kit Shop. These include several cross-stakes that are wall mountable, coffin-shaped jewelry boxes, and a new, small Vampire Killing Kit. The Cross Stakes: CRYSTOBAL has created several different cross-stakes that are mounted on wall placards. The stakes are of course removable. Here’s the description from…

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CRYSTOBAL Vampire Killing Kits – Scarce, and becoming more collectible

Part of the value of CRYSTOBAL’s Vampire Killing Kits lies in the fact that he does not “mass produce” these kits. His vampire slayer kits are all hand made, one at a time, and each is distinctively different from the others. He uses the finest materials available within the price range of the kit. In the past, CRYSTOBAL only created…

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True Blood Inspired Vampire Killing Kit Sells for Record Price

true blood vamp kit photo

The Vampire Killing Kit “Stackhouse”, inspired by True Blood created by the maker of the world’s finest kits, CRYSTOBAL, recently sold on Etsy for an undisclosed but record amount. “The final purchase price is confidential, but I can say this kit has fetched one of the highest prices paid for an artistic vampire killing kit,” says Christopher Pinto, CRYSTOBAL’s agent.…

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SOLD! True Blood inspired Vampire Killing Kit by CRYSTOBAL

This one of a kind Vampire Killing Kit was created by CRYSTOBAL last April. It is inspired by the True Blood series, and contains a map of Bon Temps, along with letters from the Stackhouse Family. This premium, top of the line Vampire Killing Kit was only on sale online for a few months before the right buyer came along…

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Vampire Killing Kit – Halloween is the right time to buy

cross stake

The Halloween season is here, and it’s the right time to buy that vampire killing kit you’ve been wanting. CRYSTOBAL’s kits make great Halloween decor, conversation pieces, and costume accessories. Currently in the Etsy Shop, there are two full size custom Vampire Killing Kits for sale: The True Blood Stackhouse Family Vampire Killing Kit, and the WWI US Army Military…

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New Vampire Killing Kit for Sale, by CRYSTOBAL

Vampire Killing Kit for sale, 7″ small size for Costume or Display, by CRYSTOBAL   Another ORIGINAL by CRYSTOBAL, this small-sized (not miniature) kit is perfect for your Halloween party or curio cabinet. And the best part is, it’s only $49.95 – priced much lower than the artist’s full size Vampire Killing Kits for sale. This kit is small but…

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