Vampire Killing Kit “Neriah”, 2021

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vampire killing kit neriah
Neriah, Vampire Killing Kit by CRYSTOBAL

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ORIGINAL Vampire Killing Kit by the Creator, Master and Owner of the Primitive Handmade Style of Vampire Killing Kits himself, CRYSTOBAL!

Introducing Vampire Killing Kit “NERIAH”. This large-sized kit has it all!

CRYSTOBAL invented the STYLE of Killing Kit you see here many years ago. His style of kit does NOT mimic the allegedly 19th century, Victorian elaborately-styled kits found at Ripley’s Believe it or Not. His kits are based on the concept that faced with the threat of vampires, village leaders would commission a Vampire Killing Kit to built by local craftsmen to actually be used in the field. His kits “date” from the early 20th century back to as far as the 16th century, and the accoutrements used reflect the specific period.

Vampire Killing Kit Contents
Neriah Vampire Killing Kit Contents

Vampire Killing Kit Neriah is made to date to the 1870s. As such, the kit includes items ANTIQUED using CRYSTOBAL’s secret, proprietary methods:

  • Two Cross-Stake, hand carved and bound with CRYSTOBAL’s trademark leather X;
  • One Steel Hammer for driving Stakes and Nails;
  • Six Coffin Nails in Leather Satchel;
  • One Remington (style) Black Powder Revolver with corked jars of Silver Shot and Gunpowder*;
  • One Brass and Glass Spyglass;
  • One Brass Compass;
  • One Leather-sheathed Mirror;
  • One Candle, for finding your way through dark crypts;
  • One Leather-bound Box of Matches;
  • One Handmade Rosary with matching Cross-Stake crucifix;
  • One Wooden Box for holding Garlic;
  • One Wooden Box with a length of Silver Chain;
  • One Glass Bottle of Holy Water;
  • One Glass Bottle of Rock Salt;
  • One Glass Bottle of Consecrated Earth;
  • One Holy Bible;
  • One Exorcism Prayer;
  • One Pamphlet “Characteristics of the Vampire”
Vampire Killing Kit outside of box
Vampire Killing Kit “Neriah” Box

Behold the MASTERFUL Craftsmanship of the World’s Finest Vampire Killing Kits, created by the one and only CRYSTOBAL. No other kits of this style match his attention to detail, his artistic flair, and his original antiquing. You may find other kits cheaper…and that’s fine if you want to own a Yugo, but if you want the Rolls-Royce, a CRYSTOBAL Kit is the zenith of collectible Vampire Killing Kits. For more information on why, visit /about-crystobal-and-his-vampire-killing-kits/.

THIS KIT, Neriah, is a LARGE Vampire Killing Kit, measuring in at 15”x10”x6” and weighing over 11 pounds. Please note, it is intended for DISPLAY ONLY. Although it can be used for cosplay and can be picked up and transported by the side handles, it is not intended for extended portability or excessive handling. It would best be displayed on a table or in a glass case. However all components may be removed for handling and observation.

Vampire Killing Kit Pistol with Silver Shot and Gunpowder
Vampire Killing Kit Pistol with Silver Shot and Gunpowder

The replica pistol is actual size but is lightweight for display only. The hammer cocks and pulling the trigger releases the hammer…there is no other functionality. The other articles are real. Please also note that none of the items in the artistic kit are actual antiques. This kit was built for display, and for keeping the price down…CRYSTOBAL Kits with true antiques sell for four times the price.

Vampire Killing Kit Contents "Antiqued" by the Artist, CRYSTOBAL.
Vampire Killing Kit Contents “Antiqued” by the Artist, CRYSTOBAL.

How this kit is priced:

If you’re searching for a replica Vampire Killing Kit, you’ve probably found prices all over the price, from very low for very low quality, to the thousands for not much better quality when not made by CRYSTOBAL. The artist CRYSTOBAL prices his kits very simply, but the time and expense that goes into them. A large kit can take him up to 15 hours to complete. He usually cuts his commission cost in half to price kits he sells online, so that they are obtainable by collectors.

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