Vampire Killing Kit Gabriella

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Gabriella Vampire Killing Kit  contents 3 knife openHere is one of CRYSTOBAL’s traditional style primitive vampire killing kits, Gabriella. This vampire killing kit has been created in the style that CRYSTOBAL’s made famous in the last few decades, the “hand made rustic” style that had never actually been made during the late 19th century. This is CRYSTOBAL’s own interpretation of how an 1800’s craftsman with limited resources would have created a kit with readily available materials. It also represents how the kit would have aged through years of use in the field.


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Vampire Killing Kit Gabriella is a LARGE size kit and includes:

Specially antiqued dagger with leather hilt

Hand-sharpened wooden cross stake bound with CRYSTOBAL’s trademark leather X

Small Holy Bible

Antiqued hand mirror

30″ Length of silver chain

Leather-bound box of matches

Black candle

Six coffin nails in leather satchel

Humpbacked-trunk style box for holding fresh garlic

Three hand-sharpened and antiqued natural wood stakes

One large bottle of Holy Water (antique style label also created by CRYSTOBAL)


Exorcism prayer

The exterior of the box is decorated with coffin nails and a wooden cross, and has been hand aged/antiqued by the artist to look as if it is over 100 years old. The box and contents are new, but are made to be authentic to the late 19th century.

This Vampire Killing Kit is currently offered for sale on Etsy.

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