Vampire Killing Kit Annabella on Sale on Etsy

Antique Style, Unique Vampire Killing Kits For Sale

Vampire Killing Kit Annabella on Sale on Etsy

January, 2022: The newest Vampire Slayer Kit to come from the artistic vision of CRYSTOBAL is Annabella, a Civil-War era Vampire Killing Kit complete with an 1855 LeMat cap and ball, black powder revolver (replica) that is designed to shoot wooden stakes from its buckshot barrel into the Vampire’s heart.

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Like all of world-famous CRYSTOBAL’s kits, this kit is hand-antiqued using his secret methods, and includes a bottle for holy water, a vintage crucifix, antique bible, a cross-stake, mirror, and all the accoutrements for the pistol.

Vampire Killing Kit Pistol

“I have about 15 hours in this one,” says CRYSTOBAL, “and I had a really fun time making it. I started with the gun…a truly unique pistol that fires not only ball and cap shot, but has a second barrel to fire a round of buckshot. The idea is that the gun would have been ‘modified’ in the 1800s to shoot the wooden stake at the vamp”.

CRYSTOBAL’s kits usually sell quickly, so if you’re interested in buying this kit, visit the Etsy page for purchase information.

  • by Crystobal Artiste di Vampyre
  • posted at 11:24 pm
  • January 26, 2022

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