Vampire Killing Kit “Stackhouse”, inspired by True Blood, by CRYSTOBAL

The Vampire Slayer's Kit That The Stackhouse Family Would Have Had.


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True Blood Vampire Killing Kit "Stackhouse", authentic antique style hunting kit by CRYSTOBAL, inside contents

An authentic recreation of a turn-of-the-century Vampire Killing Kit, “Stackhouse” is inspired by the characters and storyline of the True Blood television series. It includes a length of silver chain, cross stakes, mallet, bottles of holy water and rock salt, and a very special combination dagger and flintlock pistol, made to fire .32 caliber wooden stakes directly into the heart of the vampire. This True Blood antique-style vampire killing kit is made with the finest detail, and is a museum-quality showpiece.

The unique pistol/dagger has been retrofitted to fire .32 caliber wooden stakes, hand-sharpened and ready to slay the next vamp to infiltrate Bon Temps or your neighborhood. Given to Adele (Sookie’s Gran) in her youth by her half-fairy lover, this kit was custom made for her protection against the growing number of “vampers” invading her home town of Bon Temps, Louisiana.

This truly exceptional True Blood kit contains:true blood vamp kit photo

• incredible 19th century combination flintlock pistol/dagger, custom-made to shoot wooden stakes directly into the vampire’s heart.
• 10 hand-sharpened wooden stake projectiles.
• Three hand-sharpened wooden cross-stakes, made in CRYSTOBAL’s original style with the leather bonding “X”.
• Six vintage-style iron coffin nails in leather satchel.
• One hand-made wooden hammer.
• One 48″ length of heavy silver chain, known for being very effective against True Blood vampires, contained in an antiqued wooden box.
• One antiqued coffin-shaped wooden box for holding fresh garlic.
• One leather-bound box of stick matches
• Two black candles.
• One antiqued box for gunpowder, including a scope to add the powder to the pistol.
• One vintage bible with zippered enclosure.
• One hand-made wooden rosary with cross to match the cross stakes.
• One antiqued mirror with leather cover.
• One green glass bottle holy water.
• One green glass bottle consecrated Earth.
• One green glass bottle rock salt.
• One pamphlet, “Characteristics of the Vampire”
• One Exorcism Prayer on aged paper.

One aged letter to Adele (Stackhouse) explaining the kit;
One letter from Adele to her son, Corbett Stackhouse, giving him the kit
Two maps of Louisiana and New Orleans
One map of Bon Temps

The legend:
This kit was built at the end of the 1800s, commissioned by Fintan Brigant, the half-fairy who later has an affair with Adele (Sookie’s gran). He gives her the kit in 1937, for her protection against the worsening vampire threat in Bon Temps. Adele keeps the kit safe, and gives it to her son, Corbett, when she realizes that his life may be in danger (1979).

Original design by CRYSTOBAL. Built 2013.

This True Blood Vampire Killing Kit is currently for sale on Etsy.

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