Vampire Killing Kit “Philadelphia”, Continental Army 1777, Revolutionary War Era

A recreation of the Vampire Killing Kit legened to be used by General George Washington


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The Philadelphia Vampire Killing Kit. Created by CRYSTOBAL, this is a Revolutionary War-era kit that the artist envisioned. The premise is that Vampires had been attacking Continental Army soldiers between Philadelphia and New York, and General George Washington commissioned this kit by the local gunsmith for his army to carry.

A truly one of a kind, museum-quality kit, PHILADELPHIA is true to the era with a silver shot-firing flintlock pistol, antique bible, tinder, flint & stone for creating fire, a slow match, Continental Congress currency, wooden cross-stakes, coffin nails, and a tin of gunpowder.

Few kits in the world compare in detail and design to this incredible kit. Sold to a private collector for $2500.

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