Vampire Killing Kit Druscilla

Example of an Ultimate Vampire Slayer's Kit

One of CRYSTOBAL’s largest and most detailed kits, Vampire Killing Kit Druscilla is a prime example of the artistry, detail, and authentic style not found in lesser-made knock-offs. This kit was produced for a theater production and sold at auction for $1200. Created 2008.



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This kit took over three weeks to build, antique and finish. It includes:

• 3 Cross Stakes with trademark leather X

• Antique Bible

• Fantasy Dagger

• Two Bottles of Holy Water

• One Bottle Vampire Anti-Venom

• One Bottle Consecrated Earth

• One Bottle Holy Communion Wafersvampire killing kit druscilla

• One Bottle Rock Salt

• Candle

• Leather-bound Box of Matches

• Small Wooden Box holding Silver Chain

• Six Coffin Nails in Leather Satchel

• Hand Made Rosary

• Secret Compartment

• Mirror

• Exorcism Prayer & Characteristics of the Vampire Pamphlet

As with all of CRYSTOBAL’s kits, Vampire Killing Kits Druscilla exceeds all others of this style in workmanship, quality and artistic value. CRYSOBAL’s vampire hunting kits are known around the world.

A Vampire Slayer Kit like this can be custom ordered starting at around $1200 and generally takes three to six weeks to complete. Optional accessories can be included for an additional fee. Options include antique or replica compass, pistol, spyglass, binoculars, monocular, maps, charts, sextant, magnifying glass, dental tools, mallet, crossbow, and more.

Whether you are a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood, or just enjoy anything of the occult, a kit like Vampire Killing Kit Druscilla would make an exceptional addition to your collection or shop.

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